Can I do a Thing? How can I Block Chain?

***Chat Alert***

This is a interactive piece.

Not only is this bit interactive but its also led by the readers commentators.

I am an Account Executive with DellEMC. To the layman, I am the face for DellEMC’s Commercial Customers in Seattle. I know just enough to be deadly. I’ve been selling the entire Dell(EMC) portfolio for 5 years. Most of that time was spent as a Technical Sales Representative. I can speak to the depth and breadth of our Client and Enterprise  solutions…at a high level.

With the embarrassing pat over with. How can I join the Block Chain movement? I believe in the disruption and I want to help. I want to learn and I need guidance.

I have read “Block Chain for Dummies,” listened to and read “Internet of Money,” and currently working on “Bitcoin for Dummies,”as well as “Ethereum.”

Q: What can a Salesman do with/in the Block Chain movement?

Q:Where should I focus? DAO?

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