Fin(e) Art: Magnuson Park

While checking out Magnuson Park’s Dog Park I stumbled upon a unique gift to the City of Seattle.

Right off the shore of Lake Washington, you can find these mini-liths scattered amongst the trees. These decommissioned submarine dive fins have been placed randomly and uniquely set to give these recycled war ordinance a more peaceful life.

If you ask me they look like a pod of Orcas passing through. Make way!!!

The ‘Fin Art’ is just one of many retired military art installations. I look forward to finding and sharing more as I run into them!

The deep part.

If these “weapons” of destruction can be recycled into peaceful art, can we? Can we change? Does this give you hope that one day you may be the peaceful soul you have always yearned to be?

I would like to think so. It might just take the skillful hand of someone who sees your potential and letting them take control! I found my artist, maybe I should get out of her way!

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